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ICS Fareast is strongly involved in commodities trading with clients in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We like to offer you our carefully sourced products from
partners with successful track records.


Metals & Mining

[:en]Zinc Ore[:]

Lead & Zinc Ore

Origin: Morocco

Lead ore: Min. Pb 30% up to 60%

Our partners mines can supply a monthly quantity of 200 to 500MT

Zinc ore: Min. Zn 30%

Monthly quantity supplied 200 to 500MT


Zinc ingot (99.99%-99.995%)

Origin: Turkey – China – USA

Appearance: Silver white lustrous metal. It Can react with acids, soluble in alkaline solution


Mainly used for die-casting alloy battery industry. Zinc is ideal for a wide range of applications, and is particularly well suited to those that require corrosion resistance. In fact, much of the zinc produced in the United States is used for galvanization, an anti-corrosion process used to protect steel products. Zinc can also be used to make castings or small parts.

[:en]Manganese stock[:]

Manganese Ore

Origin: Morocco – Zambia – South Africa

Manganese ore: Min. Pb 25% up to 48%

Monthly quantity supplied 5000 to 20.000 MT

[:en]cathode africa[:]

Copper Cathode

Origin: Mexico- Africa

Cu. purity 99.97%-99.99% Non registred LME grade.


Copper cathode is the primer material to be processed for use in electrical equipment such as wiring and motors. It is the best conductor of heat and electricity, and can be drawn into wires. It also has uses in construction (for example roofing, plumbing), and industrial machinery (such as heat exchangers or motors).

[:en]Alum ingot[:]

Aluminum Ingot

Origin: China – Jordan

We supply below grades:

Aluminum Ingot 99.7%
Aluminum Ingot A7
Aluminum Alloy Ingot A356
Aluminum Alloy Ingot ADC12

Weight: 20/25KG

Chemical Composition: Al

Al (Min): 99%-99.9%

Appearance: Silvery White


Standard Operation Procedure

Commodities transactions follow certain steps, below common ones:

  1. The buyer sends the LOI
  2. The Seller issues an FCO.
  3. The Buyer signs the FCO for acceptance and sends it back to the Seller.
  4. The Buyer sends the ICPO and the BCL or an acceptable POF.
  5. The Seller sends the SPA for buyer to sign and lodge with their respective banks.
  6. The Seller sends the POP to the Buyer bank with the DLC verbiage (POP: BLs, SGS, Photos, Video), 2% PB
  7. The DLC is opened by buyer’s bank. Production or delivery process starts.
    The procedure can be updated, shall the payment be done under MT103 (T/T).
    COMMISSION PAYMENT: All commissions shall be subject to a duly signed IMFPA.


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