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Wood Pellets for Europe available.

  • Immediate available for quote:

  1. Copper Cathode; 500 up to 2000MT (Africa)
  2. Pet Coke (Russia, Kazakhstan)
  3. Petroleum products: EN590, JetA1 (UAE)
  4. Thermal Coal NAR3500 up to 4950
  5. Minerals:  Manganese, Zinc, lead (Morocco)

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Sourcing Experts & Consulting firm based in Hong Kong with office in Shenzhen. Established in 2010, we are proud to have contributed to the success of our clients.

Our goal at ICS Fareast is to provide effective sourcing solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or large organisation. Our team closely works with you to offer tailored solutions specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your targets.​Check out our custom solutions and services

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Commodity Trading

Metals & Mining Agriculture 

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Asia Sourcing & Shipping

Smart Sourcing and trading.

Sourcing is about extensive ressources and large network of suppliers.

Quality control

Leaving nothing to chance

Whenever it comes to supply, it is of outmost importance to inspect and control what you are getting. Failure to do so will come at great costs!


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Cheaper, and good quality, without the risk of getting products different from your orders!


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Our Motto: Customer focus, confidentiality and quick response


Quality First

Nothings Leaves without Quality inspection on site. No bad surprises!


Better Logistics

Be it by air or by sea we streamline your cargo delivery, through all supply chain bots.


Better Payments

Thanks to our payments channels and negotiation skills, we help you secure and facilitate international transactions.


Asia Expert

Deep knowledge of Asia markets and business cultures. We provide market insights and help you navigate in Asia.

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Our freight forwarder in Morocco. GCL is our transport partner for our East West and North South cargo flow.

Global Cargo Leader
Morocco Freight Forwarder
Team work and strong bond with reliable partner is the best way to raise. Pacifico Trading has been with us in a long journey of inward success in Latin America countries.
Pacifico Trading Spa
Latin America Strategic Partner
QCadvisors are an amazing team of quality control professionals. We are covering a great deal of services and region in Asia. China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan.
Asia Third party Inspection


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