From mother nature to our plate…A long journey!

Food supply

ICS Fareast limited, a supply chain & trading company based
in Hong Kong with clients in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We like to offer you our carefully sourced products from selected





Origin Argentina & Brazil GMO and Non GMO. The properties of soy as human food, animal feed or biodiesel are proven. Minimum Quantity for supply: 12,500MT

Poultry Parts

Origin Argentina & Brazil We supply from duly certified factories. Frozen chicken pawns, feet and whole chicken.

Quality Beef

Origin Argentina From grass fed to mainstream beef, we supply various cuts of frozen beef.

Soybean Oil

Origin Argentina & Brazil In bulk or in bottles under supplier’s brand or private label.

Refined Sugar

ICUMSA 45 7 VHP from Brazil The quality of the sugar refined by our supplier, its know-how and rigorous compliance with international standards and processes, give it great competitiveness and explain the prestigious position it currently occupies. Its production capacity allows us to offer refined sugar from Brazil in its various varieties: WHITE REFINED SUGAR CANE IC 45 – IC 150 BROWN ICUMSA VHP 600-1200 RBU BEET SUGAR ICUMSA 45-100 Minimum Quantity for supply: 12,500MT

ics fareast

Standard Operation Procedure

Standard Transaction Procedure: The buyer sends the LOI The Seller issues an FCO. The Buyer signs the FCO for acceptance and sends it back to the Seller. The Buyer sends the ICPO and the BCL or an acceptable POF. The Seller sends the SPA for buyer to sign and lodge with their respective banks. The Seller sends the POP to the Buyer bank with the LC verbiage (POP: BLs, SGS, Photos, Video), 2% PB The LC is opened by buyer’s bank. Production or delivery process starts. The procedure can be updated, shall the payment be done under MT103 (T/T). COMMISSION PAYMENT: All commissions shall be subject to a duly signed IMFPA. ALL TRANSACTIONS START WITH A NCNDA.The Seller sends the SPA.

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